After having two beautiful children, in addition to 2 very old dogs, we realised there was a need for something that would keep our youngest in a safe place and away from all the ‘goings on’ in our home, as well as somewhere nice to keep all of his favourite toys and activities.

We had just renovated our home and wanted something practical like a playpen, but something that looked good with a bit of a coastal feel to it, and so there…

The Hamptons Playpen was born!

There might not be a ‘guide to parenting’ book as such, but we could definitely make our parenting lives easier with a few simple tricks. This for us started with our Hamptons Playpen. Our desire for better, more beautifully designed baby products, mixed with a fun and safe place for baby, led us to what we love to do most…‘Beautifully simplify’ family spaces so you can relax and enjoy them.

We then tried and tested this with our youngest boy and it was a complete lifesaver! It gave him some quiet time to play by himself and explore different toys, instruments and activities, it also gave me a chance to get those chores done quickly and make us something to eat all while watching him at play.

It was wonderful to see how well this worked firsthand! Not only did we love it, but he loved it too, so made it our mission to help other families do the same. We hope you enjoy it every bit as much as we did!